Old/New Filmy songs & More

The birth of the Indian film song may be traced to the advent of India’s first sound motion picture in 1931.  This film was entitled “Alam Ara” and heralded in a new era in Indian motion pictures. At the same time, it sewed the seeds for a new musical genre. The early years of this industry were very fruitful. Between 1931 and 1940 India produced 931 Hindi feature films with an average of 10 songs per films.  The numbers for the regional films from Madras and Calcutta, were much lower, but the orientation towards music was similarSongs are usually not considered part of the film’s score,[2] althoughsongs do also form part of the film’s soundtrack. Although some songs, especially in musicals, are based on thematic ideas from the score (or vice-versa), scores usually do not have lyrics, except for when sung by choirs or soloists as part of a cue. Similarly, pop songs which are “needle dropped” into a specific scene in film for added emphasis are not considered part of the score, although occasionally thescore’scomposer will write an original pop song based on his themes, such as James Horner’s

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